McCormick Place West • Chicago, IL
Online Learning Conference October 8 (pm) – 10
Certificate Programs October 7 – 8
A face-to-face event
for learning and development professionals.

Off-site field trip included!

From the Editor


What’s Cookin’?

In many ways, training is a lot like cooking. When you first get started, you tend to follow the “recipe” (or design) exactly, making sure you have every ingredient and measuring extra carefully. But once you get more comfortable and have made the dish (the training program) a few times, you start experimenting. You may add or substitute ingredients, try new cooking methods, or just “wing it” without even looking at the recipe. A dash of this, a dab of that, and you have a whole new flavor.

Our Online Learning Conference (OLC) gives you the opportunity to do just that in a “safe” environment — the Training Test Kitchen — which will feature expert elearning guides and in-person hands-on demos all three days of the conference. Think you’ve found the recipe for success during the event? Submit it to the chef judges before the kitchen closes. The attendees who submit the top two recipes will earn a complimentary OLC 2019 registration in New Orleans. You also will have the chance to view and vote on the Top Training Videos during a reception following the first Training Test Kitchen.

You can experiment even further during an off-site learning excursion to Second City Works, where you’ll explore how to apply improv to solve business challenges. In addition to participating in workshops, you’ll hear from three experts:

  • Linnea Gandhi, applied behavioral scientist, The University of Chicago – Booth School of Business

  • Kelly Leonard, author, “Yes, And: How Improvisation Reverses ‘No, But’ Thinking and Improves Creativity and Collaboration — Lessons from The Second City”

  • Anne Libera, director, Comedy Studies, Second City Works

Complementing the OLC mix are two-co-located events — GamiCon and The Allen Experience — plus our special follow-on experience, Innovations in Training, which takes participants out into the city of Chicago for more hands-on learning.

Bon Appétit!

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