McCormick Place West • Chicago, IL
Online Learning Conference October 8 (pm) – 10
Certificate Programs October 7 – 8
A face-to-face event
for learning and development professionals.

Off-site field trip included!

The Allen Experience

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Monday, October 8, 8:30 am – 3:30 pm

$495 fee.  Click here to register.

From content to frameworks to theories and science of learning — you will walk away from The Allen Experience with a new understanding of how to create best-in-class training.


Michael Allen,
CEO, Allen Interactions


Anita Greenland,
VP, The Brooks Group


Ann Iverson,
Instructional Designer, Allen Interactions


Ellen Burns-Johnson,
Instructional Designer, Allen Interactions


Steve Lee,
Co-Founder, Allen Interactions


Dan Lovely,
Former CLO, AIG

Why Attend The Allen Experience?

The Allen Experience is a day of elearning discovery interwoven with gamification. The event features interactive discussions and hands-on learning with leaders of major organizations. Bring your wits and competitive spirit — from start to end, you will find yourself in the midst of a long-play learning game.

  • Your day begins with industry pioneer and Allen Interactions founder, Dr. Michael Allen, in a discussion of the evolving state of the industry and learning, along with a few surprises!

  • Anita Greenland and Ann Iverson will dive into exactly what it takes to create great sales training (techniques that can be applied to all types of training).

  • You’ll learn why gaming is an important part of learning and what makes for an effective game as Ellen Burns-Johnson leads you in a gaming hackathon.

  • ExxonMobil and Steve Lee will showcase effective SME Engagement Strategies and talk through similar challenges and questions from attendees in a fast-paced, speed-dating-style, round-robin session.

  • Dan Lovely, former CLO of AIG, will cap the day with a conversation on the modernization of learning and development and how neuroscience is shaping the future of how we learn.

Join us for this unique professional development day and walk away with new ideas, fresh perspectives, and a broad spectrum of new tools to apply to your organization’s learning program. You will carry The Allen Experience with you for years to come.

Each participant will receive a signed copy ofallen book cover


Want more? Don’t miss the Allen Interactions Track included with an Online Learning Conference registration.

#106 Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Six Steps to Better Learning Interactions
Ethan Edwards, Chief Instructional Strategist, Allen Interactions

#206 Training is Draining but Performance is Priceless
Lisa Stortz, Strategic Relationship Manager, Allen Interactions

#306 Finding Fun: How to Create "Game Feel” in eLearning
Ellen Burns-Johnson, Instructional Designer, Allen Interactions

#406 What is the Problem We Are Trying to Solve? Is Training the Answer?
Christopher Allen, Product Marketing Manager, Allen Interactions

#506 Differentiating Your Organization Through World-Class Sales Effectiveness
Anita Greenland, VP, The Brooks Group

#606 Six Simple eLearning Success Strategies
Michael Allen, CEO, Allen Interactions

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