McCormick Place West • Chicago, IL
Online Learning Conference October 8 (pm) – 10
Certificate Programs October 7 – 8
A face-to-face event
for learning and development professionals.

Off-site field trip included!

Training Test Kitchen

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Chop-chop! Put on your apron and get hands-on with the latest elearning technologies and design techniques. During the three days the Test Kitchen is open, you will participate in multiple elearning demos and create recipes for success with elearning experts. See list of Demos below.

Conference Kickoff
Monday, 4:00 – 6:00 pm
The Training Test Kitchen will open with drinks and appetizers and the first round of elearning demonstrations where you’ll rotate tables every 10 minutes, capturing tips and techniques as you go.

ttvs-logoAt 5:30 pm you’ll view and vote on the best entries for the 5th Annual Top Training Videos (TTVs). And, you’ll enjoy world-famous Garrett’s Popcorn as winners are announced.

Continental Breakfast
Tuesday & Wednesday, 7:45 – 8:45 am
It’s back into the Test Kitchen on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings for continental breakfast and rounds two and three of the elearning round-robin demos.

Recipe Contest: Compete for Prizes!
Using the techniques you’ve gathered in your demos, you’ll create and submit an original elearning recipe for success. The top two winners will be announced at Wednesday’s lunch and will receive a registration to OLC 2019 in New Orleans! Win or lose, you’ll walk away with invaluable tips, techniques, and tools to improve your elearning.

Your Executive Chef

phylise-banner-chefPhylise Banner regularly embraces opportunities to experiment with emerging technologies in order to best serve adult learners, and to create vibrant learning communities. She will guide you through the Test Kitchen experience.

Your Sous Chef

rosalie_banner_sous_chefRosalie Banner is an HR professional specializing in diversity and inclusion in the workplace. With a focus on interpersonal relationships and cultural education, she has spent her years exploring the depths of corporate communication, finding her passion in human resources and training.

Demos Include: 
  1. Enhancing Articulate Rise with Simple Storyline Blocks — Tim Hillier, M.D.Ambulance
  2. Creating Dynamic Whiteboard Style Animations — Danielle Watkins, Zenith Performance Solutions
  3. Tips for Using Video in Virtual Training — Cindy Huggett, Cindy Huggett Consulting
  4. Your Monster is Alive in Real Time — Neal Rowland, The Crowd Training
  5. Five Motion Graphics You Can Create in Less than 5 Minutes — Steve Haskin, Industrial Strength Learning
  6. Tips on Battling the Forgetting Curve using Brain Science — Phil Cowcill, PJ Rules; Lorriane Weaver, Canadian Armed Forces
  7. What if Your Video Training Just Worked? How Panopto Makes Video Learning Easy  — Dave Dumler, Panopto
  8. Immersive Video-Based Learning for a Sensitive Subject — Amy Morrisey, Artisan E-Learning
  9. Cooking up Animated Content with Explain Everything — Nick Floro, Sealworks Interactive Studios
  10. Turning Rules-Based Content into Effective Scenario-Based eLearning — Jennifer De Vries, BlueStreak Learning
  11. Training Demos from the VR/AR Association — Jeff Meador, COO, Portico
  12. Walk, Talk, Collaborate in a 3D World — Deborah Thomas, SillyMonkey
  13. LearnUpon LMS Demonstration: What an LMS Should Look Like — Phily Hayes, LearnUpon
  14. Experience State of the Art VR and Mobile Sims — Anders Gronstedt, Gronstedt Group
  15. Pull the Animated Video Lever for More Engaging eLearning — Robb Bingham, Converging Solutions
  16. Yearning for Microlearning: Ensure Your Learning Program Doesn’t Fail — Beatrice Conley, Katie Long, BenchPrep
  17. New Hire Orientation: Simplified, Modernized, Magnified — Audrey Mascarenhas, Booz Allen Hamilton; Amy Ballenger, Department of Veterans Affairs
  18. Why Create a Linear Course When You Can Create a Just-in-Time App! — Jerry Huerta, Anne Miller, FirstCash
  19. Responsive HTML5 eLearning with Open Source Adapt Learning Platform — Ted Curran, Autodesk
  20. Real-World Practice with Leadership Challenge Simulations — Kiana Shelton, Abilitie
  21. Customer Centricity through VR: Immersions for Leaders — Steve Mahaley, Duke Corporate Education
  22. Experience VR — Mark Mallchok, Bernadette Burke, Brella Productions
  23. It’s Like LinkedIn and Facebook Except for Training — Henry Ryng, inXsol
  24. Whipping Up a Tasty Online Learning System on a Budget — Terrance Sprague, Sprague Consulting
  25. Using Gamification to Put Women In the Driver’s Seat — Teresa Anderton, Paige McClelland,  Women Building Futures 
  26. Gamified Learning Environments with BLUErabbiT— Bernando Letayf, BLUErabbit
  27. How To Create A Training Game In 10 Minutes Or Less — Stephan Baer, The Game Agency
  28. Leverage Engagement with These Proven Learning Experiences — Rob Alvarez, IE Business School 
  29. The Knowledge Arcade: Gamification in Mobile Learning Apps — Juliette Denny, Tom Leather, Growth Engineering
  30. How to Take Your Online Learning Program to the Next Level with Podbean's Private Podcasting Solution — Jennifer Crawford and Vernon Ross, Podbean
  31. Using VR 360 Videos to Immerse New Hires and Increase Cultural Awareness — Steven Skiles and Bill Shafer, Samsung Electronics America
  32. Collective Intelligence: Tapping into the Power of Social Learning — Stan Jeffress, Pokeshot
  33. Conquer Engagement With Gamification – Nate Kahl, Scrimmage
  34. My LMS Can Do That? Drive Engagement with MicroApps — Craig Maurer, Educe Group
  35. Learning Recipes for a 3D, VR and AR World — Joe Ganci, eLearning Joe
  36. Tips to Get Organized and Get MORE DONE — Lou Russell, Russell Martin and Associates
  37. Delivering Diversity and Inclusion Training with Deep Dialogue – Digitally — Bill Shackleford, The HR Source
  38. Learning Game Development in Articulate Storyline — Todd Stone, Dell
  39. Gamification-Bringing Behavior Assessments To Life — John Chen, Geoteaming
  40. How to Turn Your Spreadsheet Users into Data Analysts — Robert Daniel, DataCamp
  41. How Live Video Enhances Virtual Classrooms and Remote Learning — Amelia Kirby, TokBox
  42. How to Create an Animated Video in 10 Minutes — Chetan Parmar and Roshni Champaneri, Vyond
  43. Converting PowerPoint Triggers & Hyperlinks to HTML5 with iSpring — Richard Goring, BrightCarbon
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