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Thursday Chicago xLabs


Not all learning happens in classrooms. Join us for these Chicago xLabs, created just for you. Registration will have flyers with details on transportation for the E03, E04 and E05 xLabs Experiences. Departure is at 2:30 pm; xLabs end at 6:00 pm; and you’ll arrive by 6:30 pm (you can also depart for the airport on your own at 6 pm from the xLab site). Space is limited; pre-registration required; additional fee applies.

2:30 pm – 6:30 pm




Transferring Knowledge: What Beer Cicerone Training Can Teach Us about Expertise
Bob Mack, Certified Cicerone and Certified Beer Judge; Steve Haskin, Master Sommelier; Steven Dahlberg, Director, International Centre for Creativity and Imagination
What does beer cicerone training have to do with eLearning? In this fun, interactive xLab, you’ll get a crash course in becoming a beer cicerone — beer’s equivalent to wine’s sommelier. Learn how expertise is transferred in the beer world through a VIP brewer-led tour of Begyle Brewing; and introduction to beer cicerone training, including understanding beer styles, quality and service. Learn what makes sensory training different than other training and how it can be conducted effectively in an eLearning environment. Tastes and samples throughout the workshop. A facilitated debrief will help you connect the dots between teaching beer expertise and transferring other kinds of expertise in your learning programs.Fee of $75 includes transportation, VIP microbrewery tour, beer cicerone workshop, debrief and beer tasting. Code: E03


Learning to Change: How to Effectively Use Gaming and Digital Storytelling
Patrick Jagoda, Co-Founder of Game Changer Chicago Design Lab, University of Chicago; Ci3 Designers/Researchers; Monica Cornetti, CEO, Sententia Gamification Consortium
The University of Chicago’s Center for Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Innovation (Ci3) studies how analog and digital games, stories and apps deepen engagement and learning in change programs. You’ll tour Ci3’s three labs —the Game Changer Chicago (GCC) Design Lab, the Transmedia Story Lab (TSL), and the Design Thinking Lab. Learn about gamification concepts by playing Bystander (a digital game, based in bystander intervention around sexual harassment) and Smokestacks (a game developed on GCC’s Hexacago game board that engages players to change behavior). You’ll also participate in a TSL story circle workshop, a digital storytelling process. A facilitated debrief will explore how you can incorporate these concepts into your learning programs. Fee of $75 includes transportation, lab tours, hands-on workshop and debrief. Code: E04

The Second City Works

The School of Improv: Better Learning with “Yes, And ...”
Andy Eninger, Program Designer, The Second City Works; Dawn Mahoney, Principal, Learning In The White Space 
Drawing on The Second City’s 55-year legacy of engaging audiences with smart, incisive comedy, The Second City Works will help you make work better through improv. This xLab begins with a backstage tour of their world-renowned theater, followed by an improv workshop in which you will develop an improviser toolkit — which values speed, agility, collaboration, comfort with change, willingness to fail, and creativity to solve old problems in new ways. Discover how to hone your message so people want to engage. Build your “yes, and...” skills to improve your training, workplace and life! A facilitated debrief will explore how improv can enhance your learning programs. Fee of $75 includes transportation, theater tour, experiential workshop and debrief. Code: E05

We apologize for any inconvenience, but E01 Design Studio for Trainers (Frank Lloyd Wright) and E02 The Discerning Eye Experiencing Art (Art Institute of Chicago) have been cancelled.
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