Mak Kishun, Mgr. of Internation Learning and Development, Gamelearn
Mak Kishun, Ed.D. is a Manager of International Learning and Development for Gamelearn.
After several years in the field of Risk Management, she embarked on a career in education.
It is during this time that Mak delved into studying the impact of technology on diverse
learning styles for adolescents and adults; in addition, the importance of culturally responsive
practices in the learning environment. She obtained her Graduate degrees in Education with
a focus on E-Learning and Gamification.
Mak has worked with government agencies and private organizations in a range of leadership
roles, most recently as a Regional Instructional Improvement Systems Coordinator for the
Department of Public Instruction and prior to that has helped grow and bring awareness to the
EdTech arena by serving as a consultant to E-Learning vendors. Not one to jump onto the
latest technology fads, Mak is a pragmatist that seeks to deliver tangible learning and
development solutions that will impact operational efficiency through the use of technology.
She has successfully helped organizations implement e-learning programs, tools, and
platforms, but considers the Game-based learning initiative to the most effective and exciting
learning approach in the world of training and development. Mak believes that game-based
learning is transforming and meeting the needs of ALL learners and will far surpass
traditional methods.