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Allen Experience

Tuesday, September 20, 2016:  8:30 AM – 3:30 PM 

Led by the thought-leaders at Allen Interactions, attendees will break into groups and complete action-packed sessions that cover effective learning design and development spanning topics from collaborative sketching and agile development to practical e-learning design and serious learning games.

The Allen Experience is an exceptional and unique day of design for learning professionals who want proven and practical strategies, tactics and insight to begin building or build better learning solutions that are learner-focused and driven by performance outcomes.

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Linda Rening


Collaborative Sketching Using the Power of Iterations (Linda Rening)




Practical Design Steps to Banish Boring e-Learning (Ethan Edwards)


Steve Lee)


A Savvy Start with Agile-based SAM
(Steve Lee)


Special Session by Michael Allen

Allen Book



Simplifying Serious Learning Game Design

From his new edition releasing in July!   All attendees will receive a free copy of this book!


"Well done!  The event itself was an excellent and inspiring example of engaging instructional design.  The conceptual and pragmatic issues we face as instructional designers were perfectly blended across each breakout session." 

- Susan, 2015 Attendee


Space is Limited!

Registration Fee: $395


Continue The Allen Experience with an Online Learning Conference registration. The Online Learning Conference will include this special Allen Interactions track of sessions. 

#108 Five Strategies for Agile Instructional Design; Steve Lee

#208 Ten Practical Principles for Creating Impactful eLearning; Ethan Edwards, Chief Instructional Strategist, Allen Interactions

#308 Six Simple eLearning Success Strategies; Michael Allen, CEO, Allen Interactions

#408 Start with the End in Mind; Linda Rening, Senior Instructional Designer, Allen Interactions

#508 What's Different About Micro-Learning Design?; Ellen Burns-Johnson, Instructional Designer, Allen Interactions

#608 You Call that eLearning? News Flash: There’s No Learning Going On; Lisa Stortz, Strategic Relationship Manager, Allen Interactions




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